Blink and Wink Detection in a Real Working Environment

Dariusz Sawicki, Paweł Tarnowski, Andrzej Majkowski, Marcin Kołodziej, Remigiusz Rak


A simple and effective method of recognizing eye blinking in industrial conditions is presented. The developed method uses a camera built into safety glasses. The presented algorithm can be applied to recognize whether glasses are correctly put on – to check if employees use personal protective equipment. Recognition of open or closed eyes allows control by intentional winking. The algorithm uses only light sources present in the workplace and does not require infrared radiation (IR). The solution was tested on a set of 1797 eye photos recorded in a group of 10 participants. An analysis of the correctness of blink recognition and the correctness of the algorithm's operation in various lighting conditions was carried out. Experiments showed that the proposed algorithm met required project assumptions. The averaged results of blink recognition obtained using the developed method are: accuracy 96.5%, precision 93.8%, specificity 98.9% and sensitivity 84.9%. Additionally the algorithm is insensitive to changes in lighting and allows the use of one type of glasses for different employees.


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