Measures of Effectiveness (MoEs) for MarineNet: A Case Study for a Smart e-Learning Organization

Ying Zhao, Tony Kendall, Riqui Schwamm


MarineNet is an US Marine Corps system that provides one-stop shop and 24/7 access to thousands of online courses, videos, and educational materials for the whole Marine Corps. The need for the e-learning organization is to identify the significant capabilities and measures of effectiveness (MoEs) for appropriate e-learning, and then design and identify how to collect and analyze the big data to achieve an effective integration of analytic within the MarineNet learning ecosystem. We show this as a use case and the sample data of the MarineNet CDET website on how to design MoEs that can guide how to collect big data, analyze and learn from users’ behavior data such as clickstreams to optimize all stakeholders’ interests and results for a typical e-organization. We also show the processes and deep analytics for exploratory and predictive analysis. The framework helps e-organization determine where investment is best spent to create the biggest impact for performance results.


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