A Framework for Context-dependent User Interface Adaptation

Stephan Kölker, Felix Schwinger, Karl-Heinz Krempels


Mobile information systems are operated in a large variety of different contexts – especially during intermodal journeys. Every context has a distinct set of properties, so the suitability of user interfaces differs in various contexts. But currently, the representation of information on user interfaces is hard-coded. Therefore, we propose a dynamic adaptation of user interfaces to the context of use to increase the value of an information system to the user. The proposed system focuses on travel information systems but is designed in a way that it is generalizable to other application domains. The adaptation system works as an independent service that acts as a broker in the communication between an application and the user. This service transforms messages between a user- and a system-oriented representation. The context of use, the device configuration, and user preferences affect the calculated user-oriented representation.


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