Ambulance Car Logistics using Shortest Path Achievement Tree in Plant Simulation

Jolana Sebestyénová, Peter Kurdel


Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software based on discrete-event modelling and simulation provides all the necessary equipment to operational modelling of real-world systems. Models created in it can be useful in different ways. Running long time simulation of some model, the user can retrieve a sufficiently big amount of information and data, in adequate degree similar to real world data because of wide range possibilities to use random parameters in the model. These data retrieved from simulation can be further used to analysis and test of new design, control, or decision strategies. Model of a simple tracks network with an ambulance car serving patients from houses along the tracks is used as a test case. The motion of the car is controlled using a shortest path achievement tree, prepared in an Excel file and read into the Plant Simulation model. Part of the data received from the model simulation is stored in SQLite in-memory database to be exported for further analysis.


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