How Are Situation Picture, Situation Awareness, and Situation Understanding Discussed in Recent Scholarly Literature?

Ilkka Tikanmäki, Harri Ruoslahti


There are several different definitions of situation awareness. However, all of them have in common is knowing and understanding of what is happening, an understanding of future changes or problems, and the prediction of the future situation and the decisions to be made on its basis. Situation picture and Situation Awareness are narrow. Situation understanding of the situation is the understanding of the decision-makers and their assistants about what has happened, the circumstances that have affected them, the goals of the different parties and the possible development options of the events needed to make decisions on a particular issue or subject. The results of this study indicate that the recent discussion in scholarly literature focus on situation awareness. A further result is that the context of the many of the recent literature are focused on issues related to cyber security or on intelligent systems, thus on IT systems, which are very relevant to modern situation awareness and understanding in these modern times where more and more systems become digitalized and interconnected..


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