Systematic Development of ERP Modules using a Model-Driven Strategy Focusing on the Users

M. Olivero, L. Morales-Trujillo, F. Domínguez-Mayo, M. Mejías


ERP systems are composed of different functional modules on which each one addresses a different business area. Developments on these modules are managed independently on each one, which allow to handle and address the management of many related information requirements. In this context the startup G7Innovation works for its product iMEDEA. In this study we have combined two methodologies, Design Sprint and NDT 4.0; and systematized the development of ERP system modules. This combination allows you to use Design Sprint to generate and validate prototyping, and NDT 4.0 to do the study, analysis, and design of the software to be developed. In addition, according to the specifications defined in NDT, the code generation of the ERP module can be automated. This proposal has been validated in a case study in collaboration with the startup G7Innovation, where we have applied both methodologies on Odoo, an open source ERP system based in Python language. Thanks to the use of these two methodologies we have produced a module related to the needs of the clinic by reducing costs, times and human failures.


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