Xinsheng Ke
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, P.R.China
Keywords: Productivity, Network cooperation, Information society.
Abstract: The information is inundant, lack of pertinence, not visual and hard to understand in information society.
These problems can lead to difficult network cooperation of affairs and directly affect the productivity level
of an organization. This paper conducts an analysis upon the development of productivity, and puts forward
the concept and features of the new generation productivity.
In information society, constant development of
Internet and high technology brings people a way to
communicate, cooperate and obtain important data.
It accelerates the development of productivity,
causes the deep changes of its structure and
connotation, forms productivity of new generation,
and enormous change has taken place in terms of the
way the information workers work. In new job
world, cooperation, business intelligence and
optimizing scarce time and attention are all
important factors for success, so the new generation
software for productivity should be developed, and
the corresponding platform should be set up to
manage varied information backstage by integrating,
simplifying and applying new software and service,
and to help people to get the meaning of the
complicated data so as to improve human ability,
thus improving the productivity (Gates, 2005).
“Science and technology is the primary
productivity”. In network society, information is the
important resources for the development of modern
productivity, and information technology and
network technology have already become the most
advanced and active productivity. Meanwhile,
information society also faces an enormous
challenge which is how to raise information
productivity effectively, how to make existing
information meaningful, and how to make people
centralize, optimize and employ their professional
technique in order to make important data visualized
so that people can understand data fast and
thoroughly and try to decrease the time spent in
dealing with numerous information in the
environment packed with information, thus
improving the productivity of the whole society.
Therefore, new generation productivity should be
developed in order to realize the transition from
information productivity to the new generation
2.1 Current Development Situation of
the Productivity
The development of the productivity is a dynamic
course which develops constantly in produce with
the interaction and progress of science and
technology. Because of the development of science
and technology, the development of productivity is
accelerated day by day. Up to cyber times at present,
the evolution of the productivity of human society
can roughly be divided into four stages: Primitive
era productivity, agricultural craft labor productivity,
industrial machine productivity and information
productivity in network information age. Though
there are different tools and correspondingly
different organizational form for production, the
development of productivity in each stage is not
independent. In network society, the internet
becomes the information productivity in the new
Ke X..
DOI: 10.5220/0003585304280431
In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIT-2011), pages 428-431
ISBN: 978-989-8425-55-3
2011 SCITEPRESS (Science and Technology Publications, Lda.)
generation as a tool of producing (Li, 2005), and
meanwhile there also exists machine productivity
and other productivity, so they develop all together
and including each other.
With the pushing of new technical revolution,
social productivity is developing at an
unprecedented pace and demonstrating a lot of new
features. For example, the factors that restrict and
influence the development of social productivity are
more and more complicated and form the
complicated productivity system; the key element of
productivity swells progressively, and the systematic
structure changes deeply; the scientific and
technological content in productivity increases and
intelligentizes constantly; productivity keeps
developing with higher speed; it crosses over areas
and national boundaries and develops globally, etc.
2.2 Development Foundation of the
New Generation Productivity
The productivity of industrial era is mainly shown as
the traditional machines’ using energy as resource. It
enlarges the human's physical power through
utilizing the mechanical tool of low intelligence, for
instance the application of tools such as the cars,
trains, planes, etc. It is the primitive foundation for
the new generation productivity. Industrial era is the
society of producing material goods, whose
technicalization offers certain foundation for
appearance and development of the information
productivity of future generation too. However, the
predicament which people face in industrial era lies
in the relative difficulty of trans-regional and trans-
departmental information acquisition. Therefore, in
order to improve productivity, it is necessary to
develop information technology. In accordance,
information productivity based on network forms
and develops naturally.
Network age regards service as the foundation.
The most important factor is not the energy, but the
information (W2003ang,). With the constant
development of the network technology and
information technology the information productivity
of the network society appears on the basis of high
development of industrialization. It is one type of
production capacity driven by capital of knowledge,
circling information technology as the core, and
based on new and high technology. It regards
Internet as the tool system and combines with high-
quality laborers. Appearance and constant perfecting
of information productivity makes the information
resources the factor of primary importance to control
economy progressively. It also narrows the digital
gap between all kinds of organization and man and
realizes worldwide interconnection extensively, so
that the productivity of the whole network society is
raised. With the good development and support of
the information technology, it is possible to further
develop towards more advanced technology. As a
result, the development of the information
productivity in network age is the key factor for the
development of new productivity, and offers the
corresponding technological foundation for more
intelligent information processing and the
development of cooperation in network.
In information and network society, due to the
constant development of the network and
information technology, the amount of information
that the mankind has produced in the past 30 years is
the total in the past 5000 years, and it will still
increase in the form of geometric progression in the
future. But in the information storehouse only seven
percent of the information is meaningful (Jia, 2002).
Therefore, in the network society of information
explosion, people again face the new predicament,
that is the lack of yardstick to select information.
They feel losing the thinking and rational guidance,
and can only accept information superficially. The
information surplus together with the instant
reaction of information spread makes the region
difference and the time difference nearly zero, the
control of information quality difficult, and
information workers’ ability dropping.
Try to utilize the existing information and
knowledge to analyze the information with
intelligence and to make information productive by
carrying out pointed application, visualized and
efficient using, etc. Set up the synergy platform
through network, and make information workers
share information very well with synergy software.
Realize cooperation in work and finally, really
promote productivity of all kinds of organization and
people, thus constructing the new generation
On the basis of analyzing the features and
developing trend of the new generation productivity,
the paper in the following part will introduce the
concept and features of the new generation
3.1 The Concept of the New
Generation Productivity
New generation productivity is a kind of advanced
productivity in the background of information
economy and network economy. It developed from
the information productivity and based on the
software and hardware technology and high security
of the network, and helped information workers to
find or build the special files they need quickly
through developing knowledge ware which could
filtrate, classify and choose intellectually to make
people understand the information correctly and
rapidly by multidimensional presentation,
communicating and transporting with other
information workers who is far from each other in
the synergy platform to realize the optimization of
work efficiency.
Network technology and intellectual application
technology are the key to the development of new
generation productivity, its rapidly development and
extensive application had a deep impact on the
development of society and economy, enabled the
production high-speed, high-efficient and low
consumption, saved the working time, and accelerate
the development of productivity. Among them,
compared with the information productivity in cyber
times which is for information sharing and
information application, the intellectual factor in the
new generation productivity is stronger and more
valuable than the information factor in information
productivity. So the expression form of the new
generation productivity which takes intellectual
application technology as the important sign is a
mutual intelligence system based on the Internet, it
has two basic key elements, i.e. the high intelligence
of people and that of the software. The interaction
and working in coordination of people and software
intelligence can enlarge the human intelligence, fully
play an intellectual role and make the new
generation productivity become advanced
productivity of promoting the development of
3.2 The Features of the New
Generation Productivity
Based on the needs of development of information
society and urgent request to fully enhance the
production efficiency, the new generation
productivity certainly has the common
characteristics with the original information
productivity on the basis of it, such as the
complexity, rapid development and globalization,
etc. Also it will show a series of new features.
Forward-looking. The new generation productivity
is a productivity which developed on the basis of
information productivity, its research content is how
to make full use of the information technology and
how to further optimize the display and applications
of network resources on the basis of the existing
resources to improve the productivity of
organizations and individuals in the existing
information and network economy background.
Therefore, the new generation productivity is for the
times and lead the development trends of social and
science technology, forward-looking and can guide
information workers working differently, so that it
developed from information technology to the
intelligence application technology, strengthen
people's awareness of new-style work, inspired the
potential for thought into value, and strengthen the
competitive advantages.
Synergy of Network. With the matures of network
technology, shared work space has grown up
gradually, tools for automation of work flow become
richer, and the connection of people, information
and resources can make them fully understand the
information to help organizations and individuals
achieve high synergies to avoid duplicate work. The
new generation software which has the feature of the
new generation productive and gradually being
recognized with the enterprises makes all separate
persons, organizations and systems together, breaks
the information island between people, organizations
and system and reaches synergy and implements the
application object of management. At the same time,
security infrastructure also should be built in the
technical support of network security technology to
facilitate anyone to do security work with the
documents and operation procedure.
High Intelligentization. Intellectual technology is the
key of the new generation productivity, which takes
the Internet and corporate Intranet as a platform and
develops knowledge ware for data visualization,
intelligent filtering, classification and selection of
information, achieve functions of multidimensional
data display and other, so that information workers
can quickly find or create the necessary professional
files and fully and accurate understanding to achieve
the maximum efficiency in the future. Therefore, the
new generation productivity is highly intelligent,
able to achieve people's day-to-day operation of a
self-adaptive and automatic processing of relevant
information to help people understand the meaning
of the complex data in order to meet people's
request, and then enhance the capacity and
productivity of people.
ICEIS 2011 - 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
Integration. New generation productivity provides a
single "entry point" with access to the Internet world
through integration of communications, which point
is consistent at different places of application and
equipment. Information workers can get all the
information needed in a single type view regardless
of where they are and many different kinds of
information can be in a separate, identical type of
view. Therefore, high integration of the new
generation productivity can avoid the duplication of
information workers to a certain extent, and improve
the productivity of the organizations and individuals.
High Efficiency. The new generation of productivity
has higher output efficiency than any previous one
and help information workers get rid of the
tremendous pressure of the complicated work of
information selection in order to do more valuable
work which the new generation software can’t do.
So it can also improve the productivity of
individuals and thereby enhance the productivity of
society as a whole.
The development of productivity is a systematic
project to enhance the productivity of a city, which
would impact powerfully on the city's economy
development. The new generation productivity has
not been complete enough in many areas, and it still
needs further exploration and advancement on the
foundation of existing information productivity, to
discover more great potential of new generation
productivity and boost the total productivity of the
whole network society.
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