Xiaoquan Gong, Zhenji Zhang
Information Management Department, School of Economics and Management Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
Jinsong Pei
Public Management Department, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
Wang Yi
Management Science Department, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
Keywords: Basic industries, Trademark information, Service industry.
Abstract: On the basis of the related concept’s definition and the importance to basic industries trademark information
service, this paper analyses the distribution status of basic industries trademark information resources
integration, and then points out the key issues of China's basic industries trademark information service. At
last, it purposefully proposes the integration measures and suggestions to upgrade the level of basic
industries trademark information service.
When this paper studies the related issues of basic
industries trademark information service, it refers
basic industry, infrastructure, agriculture,
information industry collectively as basic industries.
Intellectual property is a general term for the
right to be legitimately produced on the basis of the
creative intellectual results and business marks.
Intellectual property includes industrial property and
copyright, the industrial property also includes
patent right, trademark right, prohibiting unfair
competition, etc., and the copyright includes the
author’s right and neighbouring right.
Trademark, on its form, is a distinctive logo for
the commodity operator or service provider to
distinguish other similar goods or service. In
essence, it is also an integrated vector of corporate
reputation, product quality and consumer appeal.
The narrow trademark information means the
information what the constituting trademark of text,
graphics, colour, three-dimensional or their
combination expressed. Generalized trademark
information, also has the trademark-related
information, such information includes, information
of trademark application registration people,
information approved the use of commodity
categories, commodity name information of
trademark used, the trademark licence’s using
information, information about the trademark
administration, as well as trademark laws and
regulations, changes in the trademark system,
trademark statistics, trademark cases, trademark
licensing contract, trademark printing units,
trademarks agencies, and other information.
Information of trademark value is reflected in the
following aspects. (i) Trademark information is an
important economy information concerning the
production, sales, service, trade, and many other
aspects. Enterprises control and emphasize to
develop the trademark information, and can
effectively compete in the market. Especially in
developing export trade, enterprises should pay
attention to the identification of the relevant
trademark information, to avoid infringing the
competitors’ trademark, while also have to make full
Gong X., Zhang Z., Pei J. and Yi W..
DOI: 10.5220/0003585404950503
In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (SSE-2011), pages 495-503
ISBN: 978-989-8425-53-9
2011 SCITEPRESS (Science and Technology Publications, Lda.)
use of international and domestic laws to protect the
enterprise exports’ trademark. (ii) Trademark
information is the bridge and portal for retrieval
other economic information. Many tool books and
databases that provide economic information
retrieval, all put the trademarks of commodities as
one of the access points, through this access point,
searchers can get more economic information, such
as product suppliers, product price, product
performance, market sales, business activities. (iii)
The trademark information is one of the channels for
consumers to know, to understand and to evaluate
enterprises. Through trademark information,
enterprises can educate consumers on enterprises,
establish and strengthen the corporate image, and
make it become promotional material for corporate
to produce commercial and advertising goods.
Trademark information can also provide an
important reference for consumers to judge the
quality of goods. (iv) Trademark information is
intangible property for business, and even enormous
wealth, especially for the certain well-known
trademarks. (v) Trademark information is a powerful
tool for corporate to compete in the market. Good
quality product will continue to expand its trademark
reputation, the well-known and good reputation
trademarks will in turn enhance the market
competitiveness of commodities.
The modern service industry is information-
intensive and knowledge-intensive service sector,
which relies on modern new technologies, new
business conditions and new service forms in order
to provide high value-added, high-level, knowledge-
based production service and life service to the
Strengthening basic industries trademark
information service, helps to encourage the
innovation of service sector, and promotes to form a
number of leading companies who have well-known
brands in the field of basic industries trademark
information service. With the help of trademark
information service websites, online trademark
databases and trademark analysis softwares, basic
industries enterprises can quickly find the required
trademark information, including the feasibility
analysis of application trademark registration, the
protection of existing trademarks, trademarks
monitoring of competitors, etc. For basic industries
enterprises, this has a very important role in
improving their products’ share and maintaining
competitive advantage in the market.
In current, there is not any trademark website for the
basic industries and infrastructure in China. China's
achievement that gains in information industry,
agriculture, intellectual property protection is
increasing, but there is no trademark site specifically
construct for the information industry and
agriculture. And some industry-specific websites do
not have professional trademark databases.
Therefore, if a basic industries enterprise wants to
check trademark information of its industry, at
present it can only search the information which is
related to its own industry and require at the
integrated trademark information service websites.
2.1 Websites Profile of Trademark
Management Institutions at Home
and Abroad
2.1.1 International Trademark Association
International Trademark Association (INTA) mainly
provides the U.S. foreign trademark’s registration
service, and the United States Patent and Trademark
Office's registration service. Users can choose
trademark registration countries at INTA, eliminates
the need for trademark registration in other countries
that they have to sign an agreement for Trademark
Office to make it be valid. In addition, it provides
certainty of trademark search service, that is to
determine whether a trademark can be authorized, so
as to provide basis for trademark search, proxy and
litigation. And by entering their specific service,
users can find significant meeting information of
international trademark in this year.
2.1.2 Government Trademark Authorities
Websites of Some Countries in the
such as: the United States ( );
United Kingdom (;
Republic of Korea (
/index.jsp); the Netherlands, Belgium and
Luxembourg Economic Union (
index.htm); Japan (; Italy
(; Australia (http://
ICEIS 2011 - 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
2.1.3 China's Trademark Website
As China's web portal of State Administration for
Industry and Trademark Office, the Chinese
Trademark Network’s status and role is second to
none in China's trademark websites. From view of
the site functionality, because it is a portal of
Government Trademark Office, the trademark
applications, trademarks query, trademark agent and
these online trademark service are essential. And as
a government portal, the site provides trademark
notice, special enforcement, statistical information
service, and is the outside window of government’s
official information and official statistics data.
Trademark highlights, well-known trademarks, and
international exchange these projects have been very
informative. The site's trademark query doing is
quite norm, it can be said to be a typical example of
interface trademark query. Of course, the Chinese
network also has some shortcomings, such as that,
the page is too simple and the information of home
page is too little.
(iv)Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Trademark
They include, Government of the HKSAR
Intellectual Property Department’s trademark search
Macao Economic Services Bureau
2.2 Website’s Feature Analysis of
Trademark Information Resources
at Home and Abroad
2.2.1 World Trademark Network
The website's most prominent feature is that the
search capability is powerful, search interface is
clear and easy to understand, search results are very
perfect, there is a strong intelligence, and is able to
carry out a Boolean search, voice search. Another
feature of the site is that each database’s last update
is available on the search page, that is the database
state entries. The site’s page is an excellent
production, the user can easily grasp the structure of
the site, and it is a more successful production site.
The inadequacies of the service are that, little
background information, the lack of samples and
2.2.2 Avantiq Website
Avantiq has the following characteristics: collection
of 28 countries’ trademark databases, trademark
information all comes from various trademark
administrative organizations. So it is accurate and
reliable, authoritative, rich in content; And its
information update cycle does not exceed 15 days;
So it has a certain novelty; Through the newly
developed call centre capabilities, it provides users
with a multi-database retrieval, personalization
database combination search, cross-search and other
retrieval ways, strengthens the trademark
information service function; It supports multiple
algorithms, so has strong search function.
2.2.3 Idsearch (
Idsearch is able to provide free trademark
information service and comprehensive trademark
service. Free trademark information service
primarily determines whether the user’s trademark is
in conflict with existing trademarks in a certain
range. While the comprehensive trademark service,
can expand the scope of the user's query, and is more
specific that whether the user to use’s text or images
can be used as a trademark. Due to the economic
globalization, a number of important companies are
in need of worldwide protection, so the domain
name will also be registered, for this situation, the
site provides the relevant service, such as domain
name management service, is primarily for the
global domain information management. In addition,
it provides the news service of trademark.
2.2.4 Other Foreign Countries’ Trademark
Information Retrieval Service
Networks that Commonly Used
They include:;; and
2.2.5 China Trademark Network
China Trademark network is the website founded by
China Trademark Association, China Trademark
Association is subordinated to the State
Administration for Industry and Commerce’s
membership-based national social organization.
China Trademark Association Network’s main
means of network information service include three
chunks, news state, trademark search and magazines.
Its trademark query is also divided into general
query, well-known trademark query and famous
trademark query. Well-known trademarks and
famous marks query is divided by geography,
through this search way, companies can easily
understand the trademarks distribution in certain
area of the country, which will help companies’ plan
for future market development and judgement for
opportunities of cooperation and competition.
2.2.6 Tongda Trademark Service Centre
Tongda Trademark Service Centre is directly under
the State Administration for Industry and
Commerce, implements the enterprise management.
In order to facilitate industrial and commercial
administrative organs and other law enforcement
agencies’ work, to meet the need of trademark
applicants and the agent query for the registered
trademark, the Tongda Trademark Service Centre
organizes all the trademark information has been
announced since 1980 and had not announced before
1980, compiles the Trademark Notice Inquiry
System V3.0. The system supports queries of single-
user and multi-user at the same time.
2.2.7 China's TradeMark Online
China's TradeMark Online is the intellectual
property industry portal site, has a certain scale in
China, belongs to Beijing Sorbonne Foundation
Technology Co.Ltd. Sorbonne trademark agency
office system V2004 is researched and designed by
the enterprise, is a trademark agency business
management system which is a set of data
management, trademark agency business
acceptance, business ownership, business summary,
decision analysis shows and other functions. The
Sorbonne trademark Inquiry System V2005 Edition
is full-featured and is company's independent
research and development.
2.2.8 China's Registered Trademark Online
China's Registered Trademark Online is a trademark
industries portal of China with a certain scale, its on-
line trademark query system is full-featured.
2.2.9 China Trademark Special Network
China Trademark special network is sponsored by
the White Rabbit Company is a very unique
professional trademark website. The trademark
query software which this site develops is feature-
rich, comprehensive, has a variety of practical tools.
2.2.10 Other Domestic Trademark
Information Service Websites Have
their Own Characteristics
They mainly include: China International Trademark
Registration Network (hosted by Zonghe
International Intellectual Property Agent Co., Ltd.
Beijing) (; China
Comprehensive Trademark Network (hosted by
Zonghe International Intellectual Property Agent
Co., Ltd. Beijing ) (http://www.315r. com/
Index.htm); China Trademark & Patent Law Office
Co., Ltd. (
index.htm); Beijing Middle North Intellectual
Property Agency Ltd. (;
China Enterprises Trademark Network (organized
by Beijing Huize Sincerity Intellectual Property
Office) (; China
Trademark Information Center (http://www.cta315.
com/); Chinese Famous Brand Network (China
Well-known Trademark magazine sponsored)
(; Trademark application
online (; Puning Trademark
Transfer Network (;
Guangdong Bense Trademark and Patent Network
(; China Trademark
Database (
MarkSearch.asp); China Trademark Investment
Network (; China Balance
Trademark Agency Inc. (;
Jiechengxintong Intellectual Property Agency Inc.
(; Guangdong Trademark
Network (http: / /; Shantou
Trademark Office (; Shaanxi
Hualin Trademark Service Co., Ltd.
(; Ningbo Tianyi
Trademark Affairs Co., Ltd. (http://www.; Beijing Lingda Intellectual Property
Agency Co. Ltd. (; Beijing
Zhongzirong’an Intellectual Property Agency Co.
Ltd. (; Beijing
Longchengjia Intellectual Property Agency (http://; Hengxin Trademark Network (; China Trademark & Patent
Network (
China's trademark information service industry has
not yet formed into an industrial scale, service level
and potential development need to be improved.
ICEIS 2011 - 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
Trademark information resources construction is
fragmentation, duplication, and there is no formation
of an effective integration and sharing mechanism.
The technology and size of domestic trademark
information service websites are uneven.
The whole society, especially various main parts
of scientific and technological innovation are not
enough awareness of the important value of the
information to the trademark information, and the
ability to use trademark information is not strong.
The service team which is able to provide
trademark strategic analysis and guidance for use of
trademark information, is grossly inadequate.
The problems mentioned above have seriously
restricted the effective exertion of the intellectual
property system to promote the independent
innovation. The task to strengthen development of
basic industries trademark information service is
very urgent and to comprehensively raise the level
of basic industries trademark information service. It
is very important to accelerate the reform and
development of basic industries, and has urgent need
for the government to guide and provide funding
support from areas such as industrial policy. So, it
can provide strong support for implementation of the
national intellectual property strategy and promotion
of economic development and technological
4.1 Basic Industries Trademark
Protection Measures
4.1.1 Enhance the Understanding of the
Strategic Position of Trademark in the
Market Competition and Economic
After accessing to the World Trade Organization,
China faces economic competition that is
increasingly fierce among countries. In the
international trade, the intellectual property right
factors including trademark right are increasing.
Facing the grave international situation, the CPC
Central Committee Plenum proposed the formation
of a group of excellent enterprises who have their
own intellectual property right, well-known brands,
strong international competitiveness. We should
make strengthening the trademark’s application,
registration, nurturing and development as an
important entry point for enhancing the independent
innovation ability of basic industrial enterprises, try
hard to create a group of domestic and foreign well-
known brands which have independent intellectual
property right, so to improve the overall
competitiveness of basic industries.
4.1.2 Trademark Strategy to Actively
Respond Multinational Corporations
in China
Multinational corporations, through the ultrahigh
complementary value of their well-known trademark
are to achieve their trademark strategies. Some
foreign-owned enterprises also continue to
strengthen and expand the protection of well-known
trademarks, and some joint ventures are diluted and
excluded the use of local trademark. Trademark
adopts the principle that registerition is first.
Trademarks malicious is becoming cool means of
commercial warfar for a number of multinational
corporations to do repeatly, well-known trademarks,
famous trademarks and originating protection
product names are hots of cybersquatting outside.
Trademark strategy is the inevitable result of the
development of market competition, China’s
enterprises have opted for a reasonable brand
positioning, enhancing trademark protection,
building a complete trademark strategy, and is the
only way to participate in international competition.
4.1.3 Vigorously Promote the Incubation
Program of Well-known Trademarks
Various sectors’ departments of basic industries
should implement both nurturing work and technical
innovation of well-known trademark, actively guide
the brand enterprises qualified to establish the
technological innovation system in core of
enterprises’ technology R&D centre, and improve
the trademark value. At the same time, to promote
the establishment of specialization and cooperation
system for well-known trademark enterprise groups
and SMEs, to format a mechanism of brand and
trademark cultivating the market which is "common
input, sharing of benefits, coordinated operations".
4.1.4 Vigorously Develop the Strong
Trademarks of High-tech Industry
The national key high-tech enterprises in the basic
industries comprehensively promote the trademark
registration work, focus on cultivating a number
brand product groups which are optoelectronics,
auto parts, new materials and fine chemical industry
as leading; make group of high-tech information
industry enterprises as axis, their well-known
trademark products as the link. Through the venture
capital mechanism and equity investment, to merger
and restructure capitally the way they operate, to
integrate the stock of resources, to nurture strong
brands, to format scale economy of high-tech
industry, to improve the contribution degree for
products of well-known high-tech enterprise to the
national economy, to promote industrial upgrading.
4.1.5 Focus on Promoting the Trademarks
Building of Local Agricultural
According to the distribution of agricultural
resources in China, through the cultivation of quality
varieties, to focus on promoting the use of
agricultural trademarks, agricultural standardization
and brand building. To strengthen the cultivation of
pollution-free agricultural products, green
agricultural products and organic agricultural
products, to implement of "leading edge industrial +
brand" strategy, to vigorously implement the
development path of "trademark + company +
peasant household", to extend the upper and lower
ends of industrial chain, to upward develop the
agricultural products’ deep processing, to down
develop the breeding and cultivation of agricultural
and other infrastructure, and to build a complete
industrial chain, to realize industrialization of
agricultural products and large-scale operation, to
increase peasant income.
4.1.6 Timely Register Trademarks and Seek
Legal Protection
The relevant government departments should
support enterprises to actively apply for trademark
registration, and guide qualified enterprises to
actively register trademarks or handle overseas, and
apply multi-country registration, encourage to strive
for well-known and famous trademarks, in particular
to strengthen the support overseas registration of
long-established trademarks. China’s enterprises
should be forward-looking in the international
trademark protection. When businesses intend to
develop abroad, they need to advance the
understanding of foreign law and to register
trademark timely. Enterprises can register through
the means of Madrid Agreement and the Protocol,
the advantages are mainly saving time, saving effort,
and saving money, and can individually register
trademark abroad.
4.1.7 Timely Renewal the Trademark Right
Trademark has time limit, as the validity of
trademark right. When expiry, we must apply for
extension, or will lose the trademark right.
4.1.8 Strengthen Prevention, Establish the
Defense System of Corporate
To enhance the awareness of prevention, is to
effectively prevent others from infringing or taking
the name. Such as all categories of goods and
service categories of Haier Group apply for
registration of the Haier and graphics three general
trademarks, set up a barrier for Haier trademark
4.1.9 Note the Evidence of Trademark Use
and the Collection Management of
Related Information
Enterprises should keep concern on market
movement, strengthen market surveys, collect
information about trademark use, give evidence to
trademark protection for enterprises. In addition, if
find counterfeit their own trademark goods,
companies should not be laissez-faire attitude, but
should actively complaint to industrial and
commercial administrative organs, promptly stop
infringement, safeguard the reputation of corporate
goods, and protect exclusive right of trademark for
the enterprises.
4.2 Vigorously Promote the use and
Service of Basic Industries
Trademark Information
4.2.1 Attach the R&D of Trademark
Analysis Software
The use of high-level analysis system of trademark
is an important strategic means of practical operation
for countries, regions, industries and enterprises to
trademark. United States Patent and Trademark
Office started to develop the new trademark
electronic application system TEAS in November
1997, and in October 1998 first launched the TEAS
website in the global. The trademark information
management system which this website established
is most comprehensive and powerful in the industry.
The system is mainly constituted by the
following major modules.
First, Online Trademark Electronic Access
Subsystem (TESS), which provides four different
query means that the new user's query or basic
ICEIS 2011 - 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
query, structure query, or Boolean query, free query
or advanced query, browse dictionary or index
query. So that trademark applicants master the
trademark registration in the archives of trademarks.
TESS can provide free service, but the data is
limited to the data in the United States Federal
Second, Trademark Retrieval Subsystem
(TARR). By selecting the serial number or
registration number, user can retrieve the trademark
information in trademark database.
Third, Trademark Online Application Subsystem
(TEAS). It is the subsystem who developed earliest
and has the most prominent and complete features in
USPTO trademark information management
systems, mainly provides two kinds of application
tools, electronic application and paper application.
Electronic application can send e-mail of application
form directly through the network, and the number
will gradually increase, so the USPTO has prepared
a very detailed e-application guidelines, which
greatly facilitate the use of the trademark application
for the user, and becomes an outstanding
characteristic of USPTO Trademark Information
Management System. The advantages of TEAS are
mainly embodied in, on-line help for electronic
application form, personalized application mode,
providing trademark information registered, rapid
recovery and confirmation registration number,
uninterrupted service, mobile application (ie, an
agent faxes to the applicant for sign after filling, and
then faxes back to agent for application registration),
and low cost. But comparatively speaking, the
deficiency of USPTO trademark management
system is the lack of an intuitive windows interface.
Information service organizations related to
trademark in China are also actively developing
trademark information management system
software, and produce a certain impact. Include:
Beijing enterprise credit information system. The
"Beijing Enterprise Credit Information System"
( which is contracted by the
Beijing Industry and Commerce Administration,
developed by the Beijing Zhonghengtiandi Science
and Technology Development Co. Ltd., to full use
the Internet multimedia retrieval technology,
network database technology. It consists of four sub-
components: corporate identity system, enterprise
information system of good conduct, corporate early
warning information system of bad behaviour and of
Beijing Zhilin Technology Co. Ltd.
( developed the
Trademark Management Information System, is a
set of system software to query, retrieval, monitor
and manage for trademarks whether can register and
registered, and combines with the current inquiries
orders of customer trademarks filling by hand, to
achieve the automation of computer query, to
provide customers with comprehensive, efficient
trademark query service, monitoring, and business
Zheda Jingwei Computer System Engineering
Co., Ltd. (
designs and develops the WIN2000 version
trademarks CAD software.
Providers of China's basic industries trademark
information service should actively learn the
advanced analysis software’s R&D experience in
trademark and technology from home and abroad,
should develop and design out the analysis software
products basic industry trademark as soon as
possible, to meet the management need of basic
industries and have characteristics.
4.2.2 Strengthen the Construction of
Trademark Database
Although China's main results of trademark database
construction have Delong China Trademark Search
Library (, but is still far to
meet the requirement of growing use of trademark
information and service.
Trademark database construction is the primary
task of trademark for carrying out the user-oriented
online trademark information service. Besides it
should include a variety of trademark information,
also should further improve the search query points.
Besides query points include the fundamental
international classification number, registration
number / application number, trade name and other
inquiries, also should provide more effective and
efficient image query, voice query methods and
other higher skills, while should maximize the use of
advanced systems and database software to improve
the network circulation. In improving the trademark
information service, the websites of basic industries
trademark information service should focus on
strengthening the development of basic industries
trademark database resources who have
characteristics, for the data resources, should
integrate, process and build a series of databases
which are high-availability, high-quality and
professional, to exchange data with other
international intellectual property right bureaus and
4.2.3 Actively Promote the Construction of
Basic Industries Trademark
Information Service Platform
Narrow the construction gap between trademark
information service websites and patent information
service websites.
Either from the number or from the scale of
websites, China's trademark information service
websites are not as good as the construction of
patent information service websites, the China
Trademark Website of the National Trademark
Office Website and the State Intellectual Property
Office Website all are related sites of the
government departments. But compared with the
State Intellectual Property Office Website, the
difference of the China Trademark Website is
obvious. We should be based on the government
management functions and information resources of
the State Industry and Commerce Administration’s
Trademark Office, and make the utilization and
development of government information resources
as the main line, implement the government affairs,
improve the e-government applications and service
level, and build a complete and comprehensive e-
government platform which is main in information
release, online office, retrieval service and business
process, and can meet the work of national
trademark management .
Industries departments should strengthen the
planning and management of domestic trademark
information service website development
The industries competent authorities should
adopt policies and take some foster measures,
vigorously support the establishment of some
distinctive features, have good service and excellent
management measures, really have big and medium
websites of trademark information service which
have their own core competitiveness, drive basic
industries trademark information service websites as
a whole. Domestic trademark websites compare and
compete not only with national counterparts, but
also with more foreign trademark information
service websites.
China has to and is also possible to establish a
portal website which is through the harmonization of
basic industries intellectual property management
sectors, the rational use of available resources, to
avoid duplication, and can provide users with
comprehensive, systematic, integrated basic
industries trademark information service.
Enhance personalized service
Meet various need of customers: according to the
need of users, to customize the appropriate
trademark information resources, to act as
information agent in basis of user request, to achieve
personalized and intelligent information service.
Provide domain name management service
In recent years, the cyber squatting case of
domain name occurs frequently, some foreign
websites of intellectual property right, such as the
Idsearch website provides a special service for this,
but the majority of our trademark information
service websites have inadequate attention. China's
basic industries trademark information service
websites should be proposed to focus on providing
domain name management service.
Make great efforts to construct a trademark
credit system in core of the enterprise
To give full play to the role of information
technology, to establish the trademarks credit rating
of companies in basic industries, to improve the
trademark credit monitoring system which is trinity
of government, market and public opinion, to build
the credit evaluation system of basic industries
trademarks. To promote the trademark credit rating’s
link with the government plan projects and financial
institutions finance. Making the government or
agency be a bridge to let the trademark credit fuse
into the SME credit guarantee system of basic
industries, and using various news medias to publish
real-time trademarks credit rating, including the
internet media.
Early implement the online application of
trademark registration
To accelerate the construction of China's
trademark information technology, to further
enhance the automation level of the trademark
registration work, to build and safeguard the China's
trademark websites, and to implement the online
application of trademark registration as soon as
possible. Achieving the online application of
trademark registration, can not only greatly facilitate
the trademark applicants to apply for trademark
registration, reduce the workload and error rate of
inputting the trademark application piles for
Trademark Office, further enhance the efficiency
and quality of trademark registration, but also can
reduce the cost of registration of trademark
applicants and reduce the administrative cost of
trademark registration authorities.
In order to ensure that the application
information is not tampered and the subsist of
trademark agents is safe, to prevent others to
counterfeit agency, the online trademark application
system should use electronic signature and identity
authentication technology. Before online
application, the trademark registration agencies must
apply for digital certificates of online trademark
business system, and learn from the development of
Internet banking experience to use the third-party
digital certificate as much as possible.
In addition to the online application of trademark
registration, we also have to actively explore for the
trademark information service platform to support
the trademark agency, transfer, right protection,
litigation, assessment and other series of trademark
service, and continuously improve the level of
handling trademark matters for the information
network technology to facilitate the public.
ICEIS 2011 - 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
In this paper, basic industries are entry points. The
paper researches and analyses the current situation
and countermeasures of basic industries trademark
information service, and the research findings have a
certain degree of enlightenment to other industries.
This paper is supported by the fund of "the survey
and statistical research of China's independent
intellectual property rights’ advantage industry
patent application and industrialization status" (the
subject code: B10I00341).
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