Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in
Business English
Jingning Li
YangZhou Polytechnic Institute, YangZhou, JiangSu, 225127, China
Keywords: Business English, Listening and Speaking, Stepwise, Training, Meaning.
Abstract: Only effective communication during learning process of Business English can make Business English
more active. The value of this major can be presented by listening and speaking training. Therefore, as an
effective method, intensive training of listening and speaking in Business English by stepwise method has
been recognized. The meaning of paying more attention to learning and speaking ability in Business English
was firstly described in this work, with detailed stepwise intensive training flow. The method is hoped to
help students improve their listening and speaking ability.
Business English is a comprehensive ability in the
particular working place or field. As a valuable
major, Business English gains popularity in
majority. However, listening and speaking for
students are more important in this major. One
effective way of learning Business English is given
to student to improve their listening and speaking
ability by stepwise intensive method (Cong Lin,
1.1 Improving student’s learning
ability by stepwise intensive
training method
As a professional course, Business English cannot
exist without theory teaching class. Therefore,
student’s learning ability can be improved by
intensive stepwise training method. Benefits can be
acquired by integrating theory study with listening
and speaking training.
1.2 Enhancing student’s
communicative ability by stepwise
intensive training method
The basic requirement for students of Business
English major is to understand business listening and
speaking materials of the middle and high level.
Also it is required to get what they’d said in business
environment and reply back with corresponding
words in English. Then business activity can be
achieved. It is unavoidable to communicate with
people during theory and practical study in major of
Business English (Wang Panpan, 2010). As a basic
study, theory study is the foundation of fluent
communication among students. Therefore, stepwise
training can improve listening and expression ability
of students, even high level communicative ability
can be achieved in the practical activity. It is
concluded that listening and speaking training in
Business English can greatly enhance their business
communication capability.
1.3 Meeting employment need by
stepwise intensive training method
With continuous society development, people with
Business English are needed in many fields.
Therefore, the employment of students can be
improved obviously if students possess better
Business English ability. Students hope to fulfill
their employment through effective learning of
Business English. It is concluded that students with
corresponding English level can better fit the society
development. Better platform of achieving
employment can be provided by listening and
speaking training of Business English (Zhang Li,
Li J.
Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in Business English.
DOI: 10.5220/0006446301700173
In ISME 2016 - Information Science and Management Engineering IV (ISME 2016), pages 170-173
ISBN: 978-989-758-208-0
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Firstly, the proficiency of English decides the
perception ability to such spoken language. Students
who study Business English have weaker ability to
distinguish their voices, also with non-standard
pronunciation. Therefore, they are scared of learning
Business English. So it is necessary to train their
listening and speaking. Phonetic knowledge can be
given by teacher before class, teaching them how to
quickly differ the reductions from non reduction,
and also feeling the existence of factors and
phonemic change. Teacher can guide them to
understand the phenomena such as omission,
continuation, assimilation and incomplete plosion.
Finally they can better understand the difference
between British English and American English. In
the mean time, teachers should require students to
improve their following and learning ability, making
themselves speak like native speakers.
Secondly, when there is some improvement of
phonetic learning, certain training on listening and
speaking is needed for students by extracting some
language materials. And these materials should
assure the novelty and right-sizing, promoting them
to speak with original tone and enhancing their
confidence in learning Business English. In the
mean time, teachers can select and make some
phonetic materials to make effective training after
class. Energetic activity of learning can be gained,
and better environment can be formed. Of course,
practices are needed for students to focus on idiom
and sentence structure.
Moreover, phonetic learning archive of each
student should be established by teacher, knowing
their learning situation in time. Corresponding
inspection are made to make students quickly enter
into listening and speaking environment, improving
their expression ability.
Tiny skill is the basic skill to improve learning and
speaking level in Business English. Related tiny skill
training is needed for student, developing their
listening and speaking with reasonable training and
study. Teacher can encourage them to handle these
skills, reaching the familiar degree. Thus study and
practice can be effective.
3.1 Ability of content prediction
Prediction is important skill for student to train their
listening and speaking. It requires student to explore
the content that they will hear by handling the
current information. Students with tiny skill can
expand their ability to understand the whole article.
Teacher can give an overall material introduction of
rough background, and student can have a brief
understanding of the material, predicting the coming
question in time. Thus time can be saved during
scientific listening and speaking training. Moreover,
teacher can pause for a while when they play the
record, making student predict the coming content.
And then Teacher continues playing the following
record, making student compare with their
prediction. In this case, students can energetically
focus on the playing record.
3.2 Ability of extracting main
Extracting main information can help student get rid
of insignificant message, capturing the central
thought of article. Teacher can use materials such as
business report, freight forecast to train student’s
extracting ability. For instance, teacher plays the
materials like business report which contains basic
and language structure, checking their understanding
about the keywords, also encouraging them to know
the brief content of business report.
There are two ways to train student’s extraction
ability. The first way is to ask question after hearing,
making them listen it with question, and then
guiding them to answer after playing all the content.
And the second way is to directly play the record
without any hint. The former way can let student do
this on purpose, while the second way is quite
difficult. It’s useful for student to capture effective
information in record and to make better notice in
second way. Anyway, it is better way to integrate
with above two methods.
3.3 Guessing the meaning of words
There are many uncommon words in Business
English, so, students are required to master more
words, improving their vocabulary quantity. “Short
circuit” might happen if student can’t understand
some words during listening and speaking training,
making them uncomfortable. Anyway, strange
words can attract student’s attention. Teacher can let
student work out the words by emptying some words
during playing record, helping them to understand
Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in Business English
Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in Business English
the article thoroughly. In this case, they can
correctly guess the meaning of words, improving
their vocabulary quantity.
During the training of listening and speaking in
Business English, teacher should pay more attention
on developing student’s thinking ability, improving
their listening and speaking through effective
thinking ability. Students should possess thinking
abilities of Business English such as analysis and
judgment. However, the thinking ability of student
can’t be built in a day, and it should be got through
all training process. The listening and speaking
ability of student can only be developed by checking
their interests of listening and speaking.
4.1 Memory ability in listening and
speaking training
Memory ability is the basic ability for student to
learn Business English. The training result will be
impacted if they have bad memory ability. They will
have few impressions on what they heard, losing the
ability to repeat it and impacting improvement of
Business English. Therefore, it is necessary for
teacher to encourage students to try their best to train
their memory ability during the training course. And
there are many methods of training the memory
ability, i.e. listening, writing, and dictation.
4.2 Association ability in listening and
speaking training
Association ability is not only the basic requirement
for student in Chinese article, but also in the
listening and speaking training of Business English.
More useful contents can be extracted through
association. Therefore, much blank information will
be filled. Therefore, students will finally master
more information, better fulfilling their assignment.
It is beyond question that the association ability of
student can be improved by fully opening their
4.3 Reasoning ability in listening and
speaking training
It is beyond question that memory quality can be
expanded by exercising association ability of
students. As an important basic ability, students with
reasoning ability can know deeply about the fact.
They can acquire the accurate information and
intention from record materials. Thinking ability can
also be improved by exercising their reasoning
ability in listening and speaking training. This is the
reason why teachers need use kinds of ways to help
them practise reasoning and encourage them to form
good habit. Mission in listening and speaking
training can be smoothly accomplished when student
enjoy the reasoning, while the teacher help them in
proper situation. The learning of reasoning ability
can be accomplished by using logical thinking,
imagery thinking and fuzzy thinking. Training result
can only be better if they enjoy the reasoning
activity. In this way, students can understand their
intention in both side of conversation.
4.4 Summarization ability in listening
and speaking training
It is necessary for student to master some basic
abilities during the learning of Business English, and
summarization ability is also required after
mastering some basic abilities. Summarization
ability is integrated their basic abilities, and it is the
high level ability of Business English learning.
Teacher can prepare some materials such as business
material, articles and news. And also teacher can
make them summarize and extract key points of
materials. In this way, their knowledge structure can
be more reasonable and scientific. Teacher can also
encourage them to make study diary, therefore,
training of summarization ability can be achieved by
this method.
4.5 Necessary practice in listening and
speaking training
Overall improvement of listening and speaking can’t
solely reply on the guidance of teacher, participation
of students themselves is required. What the teacher
can support is teaching device, language lab,
listening classroom etc. extra assignments are
needed for students, for example, teacher can let
student watch some business video, and ask them to
make conclusion. And this training method can be
applies in the teaching process.
ISME 2016 - Information Science and Management Engineering IV
ISME 2016 - International Conference on Information System and Management Engineering
Although belonging to English Major, Business
English is a special major. Therefore, as a basic
ability in this major, listening and speaking ability
should be paid more attention. Better learning result
can be assured by stepwise training and English
level of students can be improved. Finally, their
employment can really be achieved through
establishing their professions.
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Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in Business English
Stepwise Intensive Training Method of Listening and Speaking in Business English