Visual Analysis of Architectural Heritage: The Interior Décor of the Domus of Roman Tunisia

Aida Hermi-Nasr, Najla Allani, Jean-Yves Blaise


This paper aims to propose a new approach which can bring a renewal of the means of study of the Domus of Roman Tunisia. We had chosen thirty roman houses built from 146 (B.C) to 439. These houses are spread over 19 Tunisian cities. The paper is based on an approach called information modelling, which is situated at the interface of the architectural modelling and the Information. This study is built on a numerical implementation, which allows us to test some methods of analysis based on the group of the gathered cases. It proceeds, following a method inventory prior to these houses to a comparative analysis by focusing on the mechanisms of visual comparison between the Domus. In one hand, the study tries to structure and save large volumes of data which are generally heterogeneous, doubtful, incomplete and sometimes contradictory. In the other hand, the study attempts to preserve the history of the architectural evolutions. Applying this method of work on the suggested cases permits to focus on the regularities and the individual and collective evolutions, to emphasize the convergences and the divergences between the edifices and the periods. Finally, it permits to improve the exchange of knowledge between experts.


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